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I have a master’s in English from Winthrop University and am currently writing my dissertation for completion of my PhD in Organizational Management.

I have seven years’ experience in a corporate environment as marketing copy writer, sales professional, corporate trainer, and business analyst. I have prepared presentations and documents for human resources, training, sales, product marketing, operations, and executives including a CEO and a COO.

I have eight years’ experience in higher education as an adjunct instructor in English classes both on campus and online and business classes on campus and in co-locate corporate environments.

I have developed educational content for professional job training, sales skills, business writing, and online courses in English and communications. I have created training programs for software in the medical, emergency services, and information technology markets.

NAIWE and Wordsmith Studio are my professional writing affiliations. I am also a member of LinkedIn and several groups therein as well as other networking platforms including Goodreads and Quora. I use Facebook ( and Twitter (@KasieWhitener) to promote my blog which is hosted by Blogger (


2 thoughts on “Professional Profile

  1. Wow Kasie! I didn’t realize you were such an academic, another thing we have in common. I don’t have the extensive business background like you do, but I’ve had an academic & personal interest in organizational development, culture & climate & their effect on productivity. My main concerns have been w/nonprofit organizations. Before I had to leave my PhD, my work & research was in these areas & I was disappointed when I had realized I was not coming back to school. But, the interests are still there.
    My main writing experience is in research & some grant writing (which was not my favorite). I hope when I come back in the fall, that we can do our guest posting. I would like that very much!


    • Thanks, Monique, for visiting and commenting. I think if we follow our passions we will always find stories. Hard to imagine writing a business story, but certainly the business experience has provided me some opportunity to pursue art. I do hope to exchange guest posts soon.

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